Snack Packs

For those 'on the go', our snack packs are a great option.
Individualised portions that are easy to pack and snack.
Great for eating outdoors, lunch boxes, snacks or afternoon tea.

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Fingers (Box of 8)

  • Dark Chocolate & Pecan Brownie
  • Lemon Delicious
  • Pistachio, Lemon & Almond
  • Yael's Famous Dark Chocolate Lamingtons
Available in: Box of 8

Pots (Box of 9)

  • Bondi Chai Cream Pot
  • Creamy Tiramisu
  • Mixed Berry Cream Pot
  • Matcha Cream Pot
  • Pecan, Cookies & Cream Pot
  • Whipped Chocolate Mousse Pot
Available in: Box of 9