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Mothers’ Rose Cupcake

Chocolate mud cake iced with white chocolate ganache & decorated with roses and pistachio slivers Available in: Box of 6, Box of 12
20cm Round
25cm Round

Raspberries & Cream Sponge

A deliciously light sponge iced with a homemade a raspberry jam/cream icing and decorated with raspberries, pistachios & rosebuds. Available in: 20cm, 25cm

Strawberry Cupcake

An almond buttercake topped with Belgian strawberry chocolate drizzled with white chocolate Available in: Box of 6, Box of 12

Creamy Vanilla and Walnut Butter Cake

Ground walnut cake layers filled with a rich vanilla pastry custard, iced with a delicate vanilla cream, & decorated with seasonal edible flowers (variable). Available in: 20cm, 25cm